Carbonic Reserves


The following is a copy of a fax received from Carbonic Reserve:
Environmental Ecologists

FROM: Mary Lou Younger
Office Manager

RE: Dry Ice for Grandpa in Nederland

Dear DTI:

Grandpa's longevity has been extended due to Carbonic Reserves customized dry ice product that keeps Grandpa in a nice frozen state. This good cold relationship has been going on since Grandpa escaped this world for some other colder planet. We want to continue this cold relationship and make it even colder by demonstrating our sincere interest through donating 900 pounds of our finest dry ice to take him down to that temperature he loves so well (-90 to -110F). We would like to donate this as a house chilling present.....;-) to welcome him into his new shed!

Grandpa, we here at Carbonic Reserves are fond of you (you are one of our steadiest customers!) and we want to perpetuate your continued frozen state indefinately in order for you to return to us at some later date in the same condition you left us.

(For the rest of us who are still warm bodies that enjoy fishing, hunting and camping, our dry ice products are available at most local grocery stores!....;-)

Please call us if you have any questions concerning our interest in Grandpa. We support your company's efforts in trying to better for a man such as Grandpa.

Mary Lou

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