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Grandpa's House - Circa 1995

Grandpa Bredo used to live in an old tin shed on top of a mountain in Nederland, Colorado. He has a spectacular view of the mountains and reservoir and town....all bright and sunny in the crisp, cool, clear mountain air.

Problem is, Grandpa doesn't see very well and he doesn't breathe at all. And to tell the truth, he would probably find the temperature a bit to warm. You see Grandpa is usually to be found in an aluminum box inside a styrofoam and plywood freezer full of dry ice where the temperature is around -60F. Grandpa is a frozen corpsicle, awaiting Re-Animation. Technically Grandpa is in a cryogenic state, awaiting the day when technology will be able to overcome whatever it was that killed him and be able to bring him back to life.

Just like Walt Disney...... Except Uncle Walt has a nice, cozy, 24-hour monitored, high tech LN (Liquid Notrogen) Dewar he lives in......like a penthouse. ;-)

Were anything to befall either of these intrepid souls' physical body.....all hope of Re-Animation would be lost and they would have lost any chance at life. In theory they could then be perceived as having been killed.....this is serious business.

Here, a worker from Delta Tech is bringing dry ice to the cryonics facility above Nederland......and maintaining a watchful eye on Grandpa's environment:

Grandpa Bredo's House Was In Trouble in
The Winter of '95!

Here's how Grandpa's house looked in September.....(He's inside the shed....;-)

Here's what happened to an identical barn right next to Grandpa's.....

The 70-80 MPH winds that were clocked in Nederland in November and December had severely damaged Grandpa's house! It was being held together with plywood and screws, but was fast approaching the condition of the one time neighboring barn.


Grandpa needed your help!!

To find out how you can donate to the Save the Bredo's Shed Fund.....contact Grandpa Bredo at DTI.

To see how Grandpa solved his housing delemma and results of the
Save the BS Fund...go to Grandpa's New Shed!