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Psychics Ask Bredo...!

June 21, Summer Solstice, 1996

In Mid April, a group of pserious psychics from the Rocky Mountain Psychic Institute paid a visit to Grandpa Bredo's

The Psychics were all kept separate until after each one had given their impressions, which were recorded and video taped for documentation purposes. A researcher primes the psychic by repeating Bredo's name and a sking some specific questions at certain times.

The first of the psychics to query Bredo was Michael McCabe, director of the Healing Program at RMPI

Michael said he felt that Bredo was unaware that he was even dead and that it was necessary to first "b ring" Bredo over to show him the body....Michael went on to say that he felt that Bredo was "mildly amused" at the efforts that were made to maintain his body.

A fourth psychic seemed to be more clear....

She got the impression that Bredo thought the intent was admirable, but why would he want a body that was old, decrepit and died of a bad heart???!!

A second psychic had difficulty in connecting and seemed to only marginally be in touch with Bredo....

He said that he felt as if there was a trapped energy of sorts in the body.

A third Psychic.....

....to be continued

Come inside Grandpa's house and see how he......rests!